Youth Basketball Regulations
make the Game more enjoyable

Basic youth basketball regulations should be followed to make the game more enjoyable. Each player should know and follow the rules. These rules are for recreational play and may vary from region to region.

Length of Game: Four 8 minute periods. Time will only stop on timeouts and technical fouls.

Halftime: 3 minutes between the second and third period.

Time clock: Time will only be stopped during the last 2 minutes of the game on dead ball plays. If the point spread is 10 points or more the clock keeps running until the score is less than 10 points.

Timeouts: 2 timeouts for each team. Timeouts cannot be carried forward.

20 point rule: If a team has a 20 point lead it cannot use a full or half court press. In the fourth period, the team with a 20 point lead must take his top players out of the game until the point spread is less than 10 points.

Player playing time: Each player must play 4 minutes of each quarter. Every player must sit at least half of the period.

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