Durable and comfortable
Women's Basketball Shoes

Women's basketball shoes come in many colors and various styles. Shoes must offer durability, comfort and support. They are available in three styles: hi top, mid cut and low cut.

Choose a style that fits your playing position. If you are a center, look for hi top shoes that have good cushioning and ankle support.

For forward and guard positions a mid cut or low cut style is generally preferred. Look for moderate ankle support and cushioning. Fast players might choose a low cut style. These shoes are lighter, but do not offer as much ankle support as hi tops.

Material for the upper of the shoes is generally synthetics with mesh inlays. These materials are lightweight and durable.

Important is a good closing system that will keep your foot secure. Some models have a strap that wraps around the upper of the foot for additional stability.

The midsole should consist of shock absorbing material like EVA or polyurethane.

The outsole should provide good traction. Popular is the herringbone pattern. If you play outside on blacktop surfaces, look for outsoles that are heavier and more durable.

Women's shoes usually don't have as wide a base as men's shoes. It is best to choose shoes made for a women's foot.

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