Spalding Basketball Systems

Spalding basketball Systems are marketed by Spalding, which is a subsidiary of the Spalding Group. The group consists of Spalding, American Athletic and Huffy Sports. It is the largest basketball equipment supplier in the world. It is the official basketball supplier of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Spalding residential systems include inground and portable systems. The inground systems come in 3 series:
1. Performance
2. Advanced Performance
3. Maximum Performance

The Performance models cost about $600-1200. Several sizes are available.

The portable systems come in two models:
1. The Beast
2. iHoop

The Beast is a NBA quality glass portable backboard system. The backboard is made of 60" wide, 1/4" thick tempered glass. It has a heavy duty frame with an aluminum trim.

The breakaway rim has a wraparound support and steel rams. The height is adjustable from 7.5' to 10'. It has a 2 piece, 5" square angled pole. The base has a 55 gallon capacity, which can be filled with water or sand. Included is an all weather net. Price is about $1000-1200.

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