Porter Basketball Equipment

Porter Athletic is a leader in quality sports equipment. Product lines include Porter basketball equipment, volleyball, outdoor and physical education equipment.

Basketball equipment includes:
1. Portable backboards
2. Residential and institutional ground systems
3. Outdoor and indoor backboards
4. Basketball accessories

The recreational portable basketball system features a unique folding mechanism that is concealed in the base. The system provides instant and easy height adjustments at 8', 9' and 10' goal heights. It includes a 3'6" x 6' glass backboard with a weather resistant rear support structure. The backboard is fitted in a quality aluminum frame.

The residential in ground system costs about $900. It has a 4" square steel pole, which provides superior stability. Height adjustment is easy from 7'6" to 10'. The backboard is molded fiberglass. Size is 54" x 39".

Backboards come in various sizes and materials. The clear acrylic 3/8" thick backboards measures 54" x 39" and is provided with a weather resistant support structure. It is fitted in a quality aluminum frame. Price is about $665. The 54" x 39" fiberglass backboard costs about $334.

The acrylic official competition backboard measures 72" x 42" and is 1/2" thick. Price is about $860.

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