Pool Basketball Systems
can be Fun for the whole Family

Portable pool basketball systems can be positioned in the location desired. They are easy to set up. Fill the base with water or sand and you are ready to shoot hoops. Pool systems are a great addition to your pool and are fun for the whole family. You also need a water basketball. Price for balls range from about $15-30.

The Lifetime 1306 pool side hoop costs about $250. Features include:
1. A 44 inch fusion backboard with a polyethylene frame and an acrylic shot area.
2. The two piece pole can be adjusted from 4.5 to 7 feet.
3. The 5/8" classic rim has 1/2" supports.
4. Wheels on the base make movement easy.

The Lifetime 1301 pool side system costs about $160. It has a white granite 44 inch rectangular impact backboard.

The Spalding Portable Pool Shark costs about $210. It has a 44 inch Eco-composite backboard with a heavy duty, solid steel Slam Jam rim. A white allweather net is included. It has a one piece pole with an extension arm. The base can be filled with water or sand.

Inground pool basketball hoops cost about $100-250. They can be filled with water and placed on your deck next to the pool.

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