NCAA Women's Basketball
Tournament is played in March

The NCAA women's basketball tournament championship is held every year in March. The NCAA is set up in three divisions. Division I is the most popular league.

The tournament starts on the third Thursday of March.
The procedure to select the teams is as follows:
1. 64 teams qualify.
2. 31 teams get an automatic qualification. These are the winners of 31 conferences.
3. 33 teams are selected by the Division I Women's Basketball Committee.

The basketball committee follows certain rules for selecting, seeding and bracketing teams. Resources used for the selection of teams, include computer rankings, box scores, polls and other data.

The tournament is split into 4 regions.
1. The winners of the first and second round matches advance to the regional sites
2. Each of the 4 regions will have 4 teams.
3. The four regional winners meet in the championship final.

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