NCAA Basketball Betting Online
has become big Business

NCAA basketball betting online probably reaches a high point during March Madness. Almost everybody gets involved. People not only bet online, but there are office pools in many companies.

The FBI estimates that over $2.5 billion is gambled on the tournament. Only about $80 million is bet legally in Nevada.

Most office pools entry fees are about $5-20, which is a reason why authorities look the other way. Most companies allow pools as long as the pools don't disrupt the daily work.

A few companies take a stricter approach to office pools. Make sure you read your company policy before sending out a bracket pool to employees.

If you want to bet big money, you can bet online, which is illegal or you can go to Las Vegas.

Many of the online betting sites promise inside information. The NCCA has strict rules regarding leakage of inside information. But the lure of easy money is too high. A study, which quizzed basketball and football sport's officials found:
1. More than 84% admitted they had gambled since becoming an official. 3. About 23% indicated that they had wagered on the NCCA tournament.
4. 12% of the 640 respondents admitted knowing an official who had called a game.

Online betting is not only illegal, but the games can be fixed.

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