Mammoth Basketball Hoops
have a real Glass Surface

Mammoth basketball hoops are now part of Lifetime Products. Lifetime was started in 1972 to make a quality basketball system. Today, the company makes playground equipment, outdoor sheds, utility trailers, folding tables and chairs.

Mammoth systems come in three sizes:
1. 54 inch 2. 60 inch and 3. 72 inch

The 54 inch system costs about $1000. It includes:
1. A one piece pole with a 5 inch diameter. It has a unique boltdown design.
2. The Rapid Cam height adjustment lets you raise or lower the backboard with one hand. Height adjustment is from 7.5' to 10'.
3. The steel back board has a real glass surface.
4. Sturdy steel extension arms provide support.
5. The heavy duty spring flex system features a wraparound brace. Included is an all weather nylon net.

The 60 inch system costs about $1300.
The 72 inch system costs about $1500.

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