Lifetime Basketball Equipment
for residential Play

Lifetime basketball equipment includes all items you might need for residential play.

Lifetime Slam It Pro is an arena style rim with a heavy duty basketball net. The net is made from weather resistant polyester. The rim has double compression springs that provide good spring back. Regular price is about $58.

A Pressure gauge and pump equipment kit cost about $13. It includes everything you need to keep your basketball at proper pressure. The pump is only 7.5 inches long and can be carried in your gym bag. Included are three needles. A handy storage compartment in the handle can hold one extra needle.

A full size pump costs about $15.

A Hoop chute return is a convenient attachment for your rim. The unit can be adjusted for angled shots. It is easy to attach and remove. Regular price is about $30.

A Basketball court marking kit costs about $25. The kit includes snap line chalk, a court line roller and complete instructions for a layout.

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