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In Ground Basketball Systems

In ground basketball systems are cemented into a hole and are permanent. They require more work to install, but are more stable than portable systems. Some systems come with a sleeve, which allows you to remove the system when you move. Popular in ground systems are made by Goalrilla, Lifetime and Spalding.

Spalding offers basketball systems priced from about $300-2450. The Maximum Performance series range in price from about $2000-2450. These are stadium style systems. The Advanced Performance series cost about $1400-1700 and the Performance series cost about $600-1200.

Goalrilla basketball systems range in price from about $1000-2000. The Goalrilla GS series cost about $1000-1500.

Lifetime offers a variety of in ground basketball systems ranging in price from about $130-1600. The Lifetime models cost about $130-600. The Mammoth Pro System models range in price from about $1100-1600.

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