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Huffy Basketball Backboards

Huffy basketball backboards can be attached to the side of the house, garage or an existing basketball pole. A mounting bracket is not included. It has to be purchased separately.

Huffy's acrylic backboards provide the look and feel of glass backboards. They are enclosed with durable steel frames. Sizes available range from 42" to 54".

Eco composite models are made of Eco composite materials. They are tougher than graphite and fiberglass models. 44" backboards are available in fan shape or rectangular shape. A 48" fan shape model is also available.

Three types of rims are offered:
1. The standard rims are made 5/8" heavy duty solid steel.
2. Slam Jam breakaway rims are made of 5/8" heavy duty steel with a smooth spring action.
3. Pro Slam breakaway rims are made of 5/8" heavy duty solid steel. They have heavy duty support arms and a smooth spring action.

The Eco composite 44" backboard with a steel rim costs about $70. The 44" polycarbonate backboard and rim costs about $160. The surface has a steel frame for support. It is rectangular shaped with a Slam Jam breakaway rim. An all weather net is included.

Huffy Sports is now part of Spalding, which is the largest basketball equipment supplier in the world.

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