ESPN NBA Basketball Video Game

The ESPN NBA basketball video game is exciting and enjoyable. The graphics are realistic. Players have natural details and can be recognized easily. You don't have to look at the jersey color or player number to identify the player.

You can see players make fantastic moves, accurate passing and quick defensive reactions. You can admire behind the back passes, slam dunks and other NBA action.

Sound quality, colorful lights and a loud crowd make the game come alive. The game offers many features that include full length seasons, fantasy drafts and trades. Price is about $10.

The NBA 2K2 costs about $15-30. You can play it on your own Xbox 360. The 2K2 features realistic player bodies complete with tattoos, which makes it easy to identify the players without looking at the numbers. All spins, jumps and dunks are as realistic as possible. The game is challenging and enjoyable.

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