Guideline for Buying
Discount Basketball Shoes

When looking for branded discount basketball shoes, you need to be very careful.

Follow some simple guidelines:
1. Check the sellers credentials. E-bay advices to review the testimonials or feedback section.
2. Check the sellers return policy. A reputable store will accept returns.
3. Review the features of the shoes. Are the shoes lightweight? Do they have a pattern for good traction?
4. What is the material? Synthetic upper will be much cheaper than full grain leather.
5. Is the shipping charge reasonable?

There are many good discount stores on the Internet. You need to shop around to get a good deal. For example, the Eastbay online store sells many styles of Nike shoes at a substantial discount. Some models are priced 30-50% below the regular price.

The Nike Air Force model sells normally for about $200, but the sales price can be about $100. The shoes have full grain leather uppers, a full length innersole, a clear rubber outsole wrap and a herringbone pattern in the heel and forefoot.

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