Custom Nike Basketball Shoes

The Nike ID feature lets you design custom Nike basketball shoes. This feature is available for many of the shoe models.

The Nike Air Force Premium ID shoes for men cost about $175. The following options are available:
1. Material can be full grain or Nubuck leather.
2. Various choices for the base color are available.
3. Secondary material can be full grain or Nubuck leather. Various colors are available.
4. Swoosh material can be full grain or Nubuck leather.
5. Color can be chosen for swoosh and laces.
6. The color for the second lace set can be different.
7. Contrast stitching and the color for it can be chosen.
8. Color for the midsole rim and midsole can be chosen.
9. Several colors are available for the air bag.
10. You can personalize your shoes with an accessories color.
11. You can choose a color for your strap and your ID.

Other Nike shoes that can be customized, include Zoom LeBron, Air Zoom Kobe and Air Huarache Elite. Several models for women and kids shoes can be customized.

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