Bike Basketball
Ankle Braces for Stability

The Bike company markets advanced athletic protection, including Bike basketball ankle braces. The company created the first athletic support for bicycle jockeys. Ankle braces add stability to weak and injured ankles. Wearing external braces help to support the ankle.

The Bike Adult Ankle Brace costs about $38-45. It provides ankle protection and support. It fits comfortably into the shoe and can be worn on your left or right foot.

The Bike Quick Release model costs about $30. It is a heavy duty model with a lace up design for lateral support. The quick release opening allows for fast and easy removal. The brace is made of sturdy canvass construction and fits comfortably into the shoe. Mesh fabric on the exterior provides air circulation. Several sizes are available for men and women.

The Bike Heavy Duty Ankle Support features a lace up design for improved lateral support. A contoured, durable strap minimizes foot and ankle movement. Material is strong canvas. Price is about $22.

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