Improve your Skills with
Basketball Training Aids

Many basketball training aids are available that can help develop basketball skills.

Basketball videos teach defense, shooting, passing and ball handling cost about $30-40.

Strength shoes without a heel are good to strengthen your calves and achilles tendons. They help add 5-10 inches to your vertical leap and increase your speed. Price for these shoes is about $130.

Jumpsoles that can be attached to your own shoes cost about $90. Included is a training manual and a DVD.

Special soles that are 1/16" thick and fit easily into your shoes, help you run faster and jump higher. Price is about $30.

A basketball that weighs 3 lbs costs about $30. The official basketball weighs 1.3 lbs. The ball helps improve your arm, wrist and finger strength.

Rim reducers cost about $40. Practicing on a 15" rim will improve your shooting accuracy. It attaches easily to a regular 18" rim. Elastic bands and padded attachments hold the rim firmly against the regular goal.

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