Basketball Point Guard
Camps teach Leadership

Basketball point guard camps are designed to teach the skills that point guards need to run the game. These camps are intended for high school and college age athletes who already know the basics of basketball.

In general, this is what guards learn in a one week camp:
1. How to be a team leader.
2. How to control the game.
3. Ways to set offenses and recognize defenses.
4. Techniques to lead a fast break and pass the ball to the open player.

Curriculums are set up to teach guards how to handle the ball under pressure. Emphasis is placed not only on physical conditioning, but also on mental development. Daily schedules include classroom sessions, actual play and video analysis of actual play. It is especially important for point guards to develop the mental aspects of team leadership.

When joining point guard camps or other basketball camps, it is recommended:
1. Athletes should be in good shape and ready to play.
2. Wear comfortable clothing.
3. If the camp has outside play, bring sunscreen.

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