A Basketball Betting Guide
can increase your Earnings

One way to increase your earnings and cut your losses is to develop a basketball betting guide. It is important to do your own research and analysis, because some games might be fixed.

According to a study by a university professor, it is likely that point shaving has influenced many games. It is more likely that favored teams with a large point spread are subject to point shaving. It is much easier to fix such a game. A favored team with a large point spread can still win, while not covering a point spread.

1. Do your own analysis. Make a list of strong and weak points of the teams. Consider the point spread. If the spread is large, it might be better not to bet on the favored team.

2. A team that has already qualified for the tournament, will save its best for tournament play. On the other hand a team that faces elimination will work harder to win.

3. A strong public opinion will lead to heavy betting on that team. This will reduce the odds. Even if you win, your earnings will be very small.

4. It might be better to make straight bets. It is better to win four straight bets and lose 1 or 2 than to bet two parlays and lose both. A parley is a combination of two or more wagers that link together. All of them must win to win a parlay bet.

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