Variety of Basketball Backboards

Basketball backboards can be mounted on poles, on the side of the house or garage. Most residential backboards are made of acrylic, fiberglass, graphite or other composite materials. Some models have a steel frame for support.

The regulation size of an NBA backboard is 72" x 42". Most portable hoops are 44", while inground systems use mostly a 54" or 60" wide backboard.

The Spalding 79351 backboard with a rim costs about $90-100. It is a 44" polycarbonate model with a solid steel breakaway rim. It comes with a white all weather net. Mounting hardware is not included.

A Spalding universal mounting bracket costs about $25. It fits 3.5 inch round poles or it can be mounted on a wall.

The Spalding 48 inch Eco composite backboard is a fan shaped model that measures 48" wide. It is made from recycled materials. The solid steel breakaway rim has a smooth spring action. Included is an allweather net.

The Lifetime backboard with a rim costs about $50. It features a 44 inch shatter guard backboard and a breakaway rim. It can be mounted to a pole, garage or wall. An allweather net is included. Mounting hardware is not included.

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