Basic Basketball Rules
for the various Leagues

Basic basketball rules are different for the NBA, NCAA and FIBA. There are also differences for men and women basketball.

High school basketball games are played on 84 feet long courts, while the courts for NCAA and NBA are 94 feet long. There are also differences for the shot clock and number of timeouts. For more detail click on high school basketball rules below.

College basketball rules have variances from the NBA. College games have two 20 minute halves, while the NBA has four 12 minute periods. Timeouts and the shot clock are also different.

The NBA rules have several differences from the FIBA and the NCAA. Length of the game, shot clock, three point field goal distance and timeouts have variations.

The WNBA and the women NCAA associations have rules that are different from the NBA and men NCAA. For more detail click on the links below.

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