Basic Basketball Equipment
can improve Performance

A variety of basic basketball equipment is available that can improve player performance. Some products are nice to have, some can improve your physical condition and your skills.

Duffel bags can hold your shoes, basketball and other items. Average price range is about $30-55. Nike has a great selection. A bag made from water resistant tarpaulin fabric, a water bottle pocket on the exterior side and several other pockets costs about $40.

Small Nike duffel bags cost about $25. They feature a zippered main compartment and an interior hanging pocket. They have adjustable shoulder straps and a convenient carry handle.

Nike socks made of an acrylic/cotton/spandex blend cost about $20 for a two pack. Men's low cut sport socks cost about $12 for a three pack. They are made of a cotton/spandex/nylon blend.

Adidas large duffel bags cost about $45. They feature a zippered u-shaped opening. Padded detachable and dual adjustable shoulder straps are convenient. Material is strong polyester. Several colors are available. Smaller bags cost about $35.

Big Kids NOAA watches have a plastic watch case, bezel and lens with a coordinating colorful strap made from polyurethane. The watches feature hour, minute and second hands. They are water resistant.

Major suppliers of basketballs are Nike, Wilson, Spalding and Adidas.

A Nike ball pump costs about $10. It is a dual section pump that includes an extension hose and 3 needles.

Nike offers several types of resistance bands for training. They consist of a durable bungee cord, no slip handles and a heavy duty yoke connection. Price is about $15.

A Nike balance board costs about $25. They can improve joint stability and overall balance. They are made from lightweight and durable polyethylene.

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