Acrylic Basketball Backboards

Acrylic basketball backboards are lightweight and affordable. They should be framed around the perimeter with a steel or aluminum frame. The frame structure should be sturdy, otherwise rebounding will be poor. It is better if the board is 1/2 inch thick.

Tempered glass backboards are heavier and resist scratching. They offer better rebounding.

A Spalding acrylic 52 inch backboard with a rim costs about $180. The Spalding 48 inch backboard with a rim costs about $125.

Backboards can be used on most portable and in ground poles. They can also be mounted on a flat surface or rooftop. You need to select the proper mounting hardware when you buy a backboard. A universal mounting kit costs about $25-60. It allows you to mount the backboard to walls, roofs, garages or poles.

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